3rd International Workshop on Development of Computational Models

A joint ICALP and LICS workshop, July 15, Wroclaw
Organisers: Vincent Danos, Mariangiola Dezani

Dates and programme

- Programme
- Workshop: July 15 2007
- Post-workshop submissions: Oct 5 2007

Programme Committee

Jos Baeten (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Michele Bugliesi (Universita Ca Foscari)
Alessandra Carbone (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
Vincent Danos (Universite Denis Diderot, CNRS)
Mariangiola Dezani (Universita di Torino)
James Faeder (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Jean-Louis Giavitto (Universite d'Evry, CNRS)
Elham Kashefi (Oxford University)
Ian Mackie (LIX)
Pasquale Malacaria (Queen Mary University of London)
Corrado Priami (Universita di Trento)
Vladimiro Sassone (University of Southampton)

Past DCM editions

DCM'06 ICALP workshop
DCM'05 ICALP workshop

Last revised 10.08.07


The ambition of this workshop is to set up a forum for ideas about new computing means and models:
  • quantum computation, including implementations and formal methods in quantum protocols;
  • probabilistic computation and verification in modelling situations;
  • chemical, biological and bio-inspired computation, including spatial models, self-assembly, growth models;
  • general concurrent models including the treatment of mobility, trust, and security;
  • information-theoretic ideas in computing.
Contributions putting to test the logical or algorithmic aspects of computing (eg, computing with dynamical systems) would be welcome. We believe that bringing those efforts together will result in inspirational cross-boundary exchanges, and innovative further research.

The dates for the ENTCS post-workshop proceedings are:
- Submission: Oct 5 2007
- Notification: Jan 15 2008
- Final version: Feb 7 2008
ENTCS papers need to be between 10-24 pages; macros are online here, further instructions there. Submissions will be 5 pages abstracts. Authors are invited to submit a full paper of their presentation after the workshop, for publication in ENTCS (Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science). Selected papers will be considered for special issues of Information and Computation, and Transactions on Computational and Systems Biology.

Abstracts (max. 5 pages) are to be sent as pdf/postscript attachments to dezani"AT"di.unito.it by 30 April, 2007.

Invited speakers: Samson Abramsky (Oxford), Ian Mackie (LIX).